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“Great sounds! These sound more analog than anything in my collection.”

“I love the SP kick drums, so ridiculously FAT!”

Classic TR 808 Samples

If you’re looking for VCA, analog, punchy, console 808 samples with tasteful distortion and processing, this pack is for you. We are in love with the Roland TR-808 and all of the genres it has created and inspired (Electro, Hip Hop, Boogie, House, Techno, Trap, the list goes on…) And although this drum machine has been sampled many times,  as collectors of TR 808 samples for over 10 years, we believe we have succeeded in creating a truly unique 808 sample pack.

To build this 808 drum kit, we’ve used an extremely high end SSL 4000 console, re-pitched the hits extensively on tape and legendary the SP-1200 sampler, and edited the sounds at the waveform level by hand. All samples have been neatly organized into corresponding folders, each folder containing variations of pitch, decay and processing. Deep kicks, pitched toms, crispy claps, punchy snare drums, and analog percussion – 808 drum samples that don’t require any mixing to sound great, but have enough headroom to withstand further processing if you wish to do so.


  • Instant download of 469 24bit, royalty free TR 808 samples
  • Kick Drum: 78 kicks at various pitches and decays, featuring various types of processing
  • Toms: 58 toms at various pitches, decays and processing
  • Snare Drum: 101 snares at various pitches, decays and processing
  • Clap: 47 claps at various pitches, decays, layering and processing
  • 209 additional Hi Hats, Claves, Congas, Cymbal, Maracas, Cowbell and Rim shots


  • Professional quality samples; no additional mixing required
  • Recorded and processed with classic analog gear to tape
  • Well organized folders and file-naming compatible with hardware samplers
  • To preserve transients, no normalization has been applied
  • Various levels of processing, from raw and uncompressed to saturated as #%$@!


“I can already say that I love them because of the smooth transient processing…. So much easier to fit in a mix and do the processing on my own if required.”

“Great sounds! These sound more analog than anything in my collection, cheers.”

“I love the SP kick drums, so ridiculously FAT!”

“Great price and amazing sound.”

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this sample pack, you can obtain a full refund within 7 days. Tell us why you were unsatisfied, and this helps us create a better product in the future!




Our Process

Our focus on creating our 808 drum samples was to keep the sounds simple (so that you can manipulate them heavily if you prefer) and powerful. Everything has been recorded through the incredible SSL 4000 G + Console, which countless amazing records have been made on. We’ve used the gates of the console to shape the transients of the TR 808 samples, with additional compression, EQ and filtering. The SSL 4000 G+ Console is truly one of the greatest drum processors of all time and the Roland TR808 sounds fantastic through it!

We recorded many of the snares, claps, and percussion to tape, using a healthy amount of saturation for mid range dirt and crunch. We employed a Roland space echo and various analog synthesizer filters for additional coloring, often applying these effects in parallel, to maintain the body of the original sound. We also took to editing and layering the 808 samples at the waveform level, adjusting attack, decay, and re-shaping transients as we thought would work best.

For the kick drums, the level of distortion applied to the snares, claps, etc was sometimes unacceptable, and we often opted to use an Emu SP-1200, re-pitch the kicks and record them digitally. Still, we used tape on certain 808 kick drums, and sometimes applied heavy compression, other times no compression at all. We additionally used low pass filters, and edited the kicks on the waveform level, decreasing / increasing attack and decay time by ear.

We do not normalize our samples, but we make sure they are at an acceptably loud level. We leave a bit of headroom on most of our samples, allowing you to add additional plugins with a proper amount of gain staging.

The end result is 493 Un-Normalized 24bit 44.1 kHz amazing TR 808 samples!


SSL 4000 G+ Console

Universal Audio La-610

Emu SP-1200 Sampler

Otari MTR-12 Mastering 1/4″ Reel to Reel

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Universal Audio 1176 (original blackface)

Rosetta 800 Converter

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

SPL Transient Designer

Arp Odyssey

Yamaha CS-5



5.00 out of 5

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    I love these samples. Nice work.

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Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this sample pack, you can obtain a full refund within 7 days. Tell us why you were unsatisfied, and this helps us create a better product in the future!





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