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Bass Drop Sample Library Overview

The purpose of this sample library is to eliminate the time required for re-creating your own bass drop sample, and to provide a quick and easy way to grab an excellent sounding bass drop sample, at the length and pitch / key you desire. It contains:


  • 4 folders, each containing 18 pure sine wave bass drops from D1 (37 Hz) to G2 (98 Hz) at 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 sec long
  • 18 tuned, 2 second long analog square wave bass drop samples created with a Dave Smith Poly Evolver analog synthesizer
  • 1 808 kick drum bass drop recorded through UA LA-610, and pitched digitally
  • Named and organized by frequency and note name
  •  Recorded with high quality conversion
  • Analog bass drop samples are great for when aggressive sub bass is desired
  • Pure, digital bass drop samples are perfect for adding your own processing and plugins
  • 808 Kick drum for when you need that “classic” sound

Gear Used

  • Roland TR-808 Drum Machine
  • Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Analog Synthesizer
  • Digital Signal Generator
  • Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Preamplifier
  • Apogee Rosetta Conversion
  • Vari-Fi and various pitch modulation processing


The bass drop sample has been used as an integral part of many musical genres – from Hip Hop and Techno to Metal – and is loosely defined as a sub bass note that drops in pitch and/or volume across the duration of the sample. Often this means you can’t hear the naked result on laptop speakers, but on headphones, decent studio monitors, or in a club, these bass drop samples are earthquaking, and perfect for layering beneath a punchy kick, or assigning to a keyboard and playing a bassline.

Many people assume that the original bass drop sample came from a Roland TR-808, but in reality, the 808 drum machine does not have pitch modulation (or even the ability to pitch the kick drum at all). In some cases, a bass drop may have come from a digitally altered 808 kick drum, but in our experience this results in too much distortion / artifacts for our taste.

For this reason, we’ve turned to raw analog and digital oscillators and pitch modulation (both exponential and linear, digital and analog) to offer a cleaner and more useful approach than solely the manipulation of a single 808 bass drum. But, for good measure, we’ve thrown in an 808 kick :)



4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Nice collection of drops, thanks mars people!

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